Cultural Intelligence for Leadership

The Must-have Skill for Any Modern Leader

  • 45 minutes
  • 150 British pounds
  • Online Session

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How Head, Body, and Heart Work Together. Developing an understanding and awareness of different cultures can help managers and employees from different backgrounds interact more effectively. Cultural intelligence (CQ) focuses on how well individuals can relate and work across cultures. It's a skill that could be the key to enabling leaders to do more than merely avoid conflict and misunderstanding, but become more successful despite cultural differences. Cultural intelligence is related to emotional intelligence, but it picks up where emotional intelligence leaves off. Risks of a lack of CQ There are myriad organizational risks associated with a lack of cultural intelligence skills: * Miscommunications * Critical business errors * Lack of team cohesion and trust * Demotivation * High staff turnover * Loss of clients * An impact to the bottom-line The Economist Intelligence Unit rates cultural issues as a significant factor that increases the risk of successful international mergers and acquisitions. Misunderstanding arising from miscommunication may damage cross-border relationships and incur significant losses for businesses.

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